Our trip to Italy - Island hopping

If you have read our previous posts, you will know, so far we have had two full on days exploring Venice. After researching the islands around Venice we worked out that on our final day we would have enough time to visit three; Murano, Burano and Torcello. We hopped onto a water bus (we are going to blog about transportation in and around Venice another time, so look out for that) and made our way to the islands.

First stop was Murano which is famous for its Glass of the same name, we saw it in every shop window whilst exploring Venice and we really wanted to visit the island where it was made. The island is a glass lovers paradise with some of the most exquisite glass pieces you will have seen. There are many shops selling products some of which are unique handmade items and some manufactured products to suit every budget. There are some factory tours were you can see items being made and purchase directly. There was also an amazing  tree made entirely from glass that looked like a Christmas Tree. We spent a couple of hours wandering round and looking at some really lovely glass products. It was not the prettiest of the islands that we visited but still highly recommended for a visit.

Next we hopped back onto a water bus and made our way over to Burano.

Burano is famous for its brightly coloured buildings, and it did not disappoint. We loved spending a couple of hours wandering around and getting some amazing insta worthy photos.

It is such a beautiful island with amazing views around every corner.

We stopped for lunch at a lovely little cafe called Palmisano, and for the first time on our Italian adventure we did not have Pizza for lunch! Instead we had Mozzarella in Carrozza, which is a Italian fried Mozzarella sandwich, and a Prosciutto baguette. It was really hot that day, and we really didn't feel like eating anything too heavy. We then explored some local shops, and visited a local church before taking a slow stroll back through Tenuta Venissa a lovely garden and vineyard with interesting animal sculptures towards the boat. 

Torcello was the last of our Island stops. It is a small island but is steeped in history. Torcello was one of the first of the Venetian islands to be populated. People fled here to escape Attila the Hun who invaded Altinum, which was a town close to the mainland shore of the Venice Lagoon. Whilst on the island we took a lovely walk along the waterways towards the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta.

On the way back to the water bus we stopped at Ponte del Diavolo, which translates to Devils Bridge. It is one of only 2 bridges on the island and dates back to the 15th century. You will notice that it has no Parapet, which gives a glimpse into what bridges were like in Venice many hundreds of years ago.

As our exploration of the 3 islands came to an end, we decided to take the water bus back to Venice the long way round and take in some sights from the water. We were able to spot some landmarks from different viewpoints which made for a very interesting boat ride.

For dinner that evening we decided to stroll down towards Rialto Bridge as we loved the views from the waterside restaurants there. Afterwards we took a slow stroll towards the little wine bar that we had visited with Mark the day before and sat outside, watching the world go by whilst enjoying a few glasses of wine and some Chincetti.

We were both feeling a little bit sad that this was our last evening in Venice, and whilst we were really looking forward to exploring Rome, Venice had exceeded our expectations so much we were not sure anything else would ever top the amazing 3 days we had shared here. To us Venice will always hold a special place in our hearts and we will definitely visit again. Its almost a year since our trip and we talk about it all the time.

That wraps up day 3, look out for our next blog post about our Italian adventure, where we will be talking about our train journey between Venice and Rome, and our first sightseeing adventures in The Vatican City.


  1. Sounds like a fun trip, I'd love to visit Venice and Burano!

    1. Was such a fun trip, we would definitely recommend.

  2. Your pictures are beautiful. Great post! Also, I would be super scared to cross that bridge because I am clumsy and might fall LOL

    1. Thank you, yes Sammie was quite worried about that!

  3. My parents took us to Venice when I was in high school, and we did island hopping too. Such a great experience - Murano and its famous glass was amazing!

  4. This looks like a great trip. You have taken some great photos. It looks like a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    Lauren | www.bournemouthgirl.com

  5. Burano looks so picturesque! The photos that you took are so amazing :) x



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