Kent coastal bike ride, Reculver to Margate

We are incredibly lucky to be one of those couples who have very similar interests, this makes it easier for us when deciding what to do or where to go. One interest we share is bike riding, and whilst Sammie will be the first to admit that she is by no means as fast or as confident as Neil on her bike it is something we both enjoy together.

Recently we decided to take our bikes to Reculver and ride the flat (Sammie was very pleased about this!) coastal path to Margate.

Its about 8 miles each way and as it was a lovely day we decided to stop in Minnis Bay on the way for a cheeky ice cream and beer. It was so nice just to watch the world go by for a while.

The ride from Minnis Bay to Margate is a fairly flat one and mainly goes around the seafront on a concrete pathway. There is one exception where you have to go up a short steep hill and along a main road, before dropping back onto the pathway. But all in all it is an easy ride with a fantastic view along the way.

We took a brief stop in Margate to paddle our feet in the refreshing sea before heading back to Reculver.

On the way back Neil rode slightly ahead of Sammie, mainly because he likes to be the winner! So we pretty much rode all the way back without any stops.

It was a really enjoyable ride, and whilst we did it as a couple this time, we have also rode with the children at different times from Reculver to Minnis Bay. We are hoping to take them all the way along to Margate soon, the fact that it is almost all on the flat makes it a perfect ride for families.