Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats

A few weeks before lock down began we took the 4 younger children to Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats. Its a really lovely little Sanctuary in Kent, Boughton Monchelsea to be exact. A little out in the countryside I would definitely recommend using an online map service to direct you!

Buttercups is a charity which provides sanctuary for neglected goats. For a small donation you are allowed to go in and visit the goats (we are told there are over 140 either at the Sanctuary or fostered locally!), who can be found roaming around the fields.

We were able to purchase carrots and crackers to feed the goats, the children absolutely loved being able to feed them.

As did Neil who made a new friend pretty quickly....

Something we really love about the Goat Sanctuary is that (most of) the goats are allowed to roam around between the fields and the huts where they rest or sleep. The ones we approached were very friendly and the children loved being able to go into the huts and see where the goats sleep. 

We are told that Buttercups is planning on re opening on 20th June, with enhanced social distancing measures. So we will definitely be visiting again soon, its a lovely way to spend a couple of hours whilst helping a good cause. 


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