A new adventure for us!


Welcome to our blog!

We have been talking about writing a blog together for ages, so are both very pleased that we have finally got around to setting one up.

As mentioned in our about us page, the blog name 'The Adventures of Sammie & Neil' is very appropriate for us. We really love to do new things, go to new places, and explore hidden gems. Adventuring is what we do best!

Of course our adventures are not always about us as a couple, whilst we absolutely love our quality time together, spending time with our children means the most to us. So hopefully this blog will represent a balance between not only quality family time, but also quality couple time. 

It will be our very own bit of the internet where we can document what we have been getting up too. We hope that by writing it all down, not only will it preserve the memories we have made, but it will also give others new ideas of places to go and things to do. 

Over the last year or so we have been lucky enough to go on lots of incredible adventures, from days out to Theme Parks and thrill seeking Jet Ski rides, to cheeky weekend breaks to Prague and holidays to Italy. So not only do we want to write about what we get up to going forward, we we would also love to share with you the special things we have done in the past.

So there you go, our first blog post, short and sweet, but hopefully an introduction of what kind of things to expect from us! 


  1. Lovely to see you back on the Blogging scene. You've been missed.

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